imagesAs I continue to connect, learn, and grow, I have met some amazing educators.  I attended EdCamp Chicago this past October and had a career changing experience.  The energy was high, passion strong, and enthusiasm contagious!  These educators were taking ownership of their learning, and having fun doing it.  Discussions were rich and engagement was 100%.  It was something I had never seen before!  And then I saw it again last Wednesday…

The staff at my school decided to employ the EdCamp model at our staff meeting.  Sure enough, I observed and felt the same results: high energy, strong passion, and contagious enthusiasm.  It is no coincidence that rich discussions ensue and participants fully engage when we are empowered to take ownership of our learning.

Do we provide our kids these same learning opportunities?  Do we allow our kids to have a voice?  Do we grant our kids the power and responsibility of choice?  Do we empower them to take ownership of their learning and be active participants?

Administrators, do we model this for our staffs?  Do we empower our staffs and support and equip them with the resources and drive to engage our kids?

I have done some light research into 20 Time, and would love to hear others’ suggestions and/or experiences employing it.  I would also love to hear from staff and admin who employ EdCamp or other similar models to empower our educators and kids to learn.


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Administrator. Teacher. Learner. Coach. Chicago metro area. Passionate about kids, learning, and education. Follow me on twitter @sledeaux84 and at

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